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Aster has a rich experience in executing projects in all Middle East (Gulf) countries. Aster’s IBO has teams with technical expertise in the field of Telecom and Transmission Lines and other associated fields. Aster has successfully supplied/executed several projects in UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

We have provided turnkey solutions for:

  • In building solutions for all Mobile Operators in high rise buildings
  • Turnkey Construction of Telecom Mobile Towers
  • Survey, Design, Supply and Installation of Transmission line Towers
  • Installation and Commissioning of Passive and active Equipment of Cell sites
Motorola Inc.

Al Babtain Telecommunication Co

Saudi Inteltec

Ericsson Pvt. Ltd.(NAWRAS)

Galfar Engineering & Contracting (OETC)

Oman Mobile Telecommunications Company LLC

Kuwait Network Electronic Technology Company W.L.L (KNETCO)

Hayat Communications Ltd.

Nokia Siemens Networks Limited

National United Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC, Oman

Mokul Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


Contact Us:

Aster Private Limited
LOB - 6G/19, PO BOX No: 42800, Hamriyah Free Zone,
Sharjah - 42800, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +97 1652 61337
Fax: +97 1652 61338
e-Mail: ibo@www.jisheng.site
Aster Teleservices Pvt Ltd
Al Sulaiam Building, #7, Olaya Road, Near Ministry Of Interior Signal,
Behind Olaya Post Office,
Riyadh - 11537, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tel::+966 (0) 146 27574
e-Mail: ibo@www.jisheng.site
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