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Aster has a monopoly in Design, Fabrication, Galvanizing, Supply and Installation of heavy Lattice Towers and Guyed Masts for Broadcasting and Communications Sectors. Asters?rich experience in executing turnkey projects with Heavy Towers and Guyed Masts ranges from 40 to 200 m height including installation of TV and FM antennas has created a very large market share in broadcasting sector. Aster has successfully completed a large turnkey project with heavy towers for Radar communication in Gujarat Circle recently. Aster has also proven in supplying of 50 m heavy lattice towers across the country for wind energy projects. Aster is always ready to take up challenging jobs using heavy towers/masts in Defense and other public sectors.
Broadcasting & Communication Projects
Railway Structural Projects
Power Plant Structures
Wind Energy Projects
EPC / LSTK Projects
Heavy Engineering Fabrication
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